Shipping Tips


-Always pack dishes/glass ware/ breakable items with proper packing material e. g, bubble wrap

-Always wrap bottle mouths

- Do not pack Can Foods on top of plastic bottles/ liquids.

-Do not put Detergents or Soaps in close proximity of Rice/ Food items

-Do not over pack barrels/ boxes this give a possibility for Final Destination to miss-handle your Cargo and likely incur damages.

- Inspect all Televisions, and do not remove if damaged  from the Port and never leave without  making a report to wharf.

-Always label all Your cargo clearly

- For your security and safety always make sure Barrel Seals/Padlocks are properly closed.


- All packages need to be inspected before shipping

-Flammable item are NOT ALLOWED e.g Perfume, batteries, spary cans


- Always confirm your receiver's information is correct

-Donot put any forms of jewelry or money in your envelope.